explicitlyart's portfolio

I am a 16 year old artist, currently studying Game Design & Animation in order to get a job in the art industry. This is my professional portfolio of commissions, fan art and original content that I have worked on since 2018.

☆彡 Artist specialising in Cartoon, Anime, Stylised Art

★彡Main interests in Art include Anthropomorphic Characters (AKA: Furries) and Anime/ Cartoons

Stefan Strbac-Galvao


Popee The Performer


5th December 2018

♡ 344

I created this digital painting 2 years ago and it is still one of the works I'm most proud of, and one that has garnered most attention for me on Instagram. I used Medibang Paint Pro to create it, taking up a total of 3 weeks to complete. The subjects in the artwork are from a Japanese 3D animated series called Popee The Performer and are therefore not my original characters so this piece of fanart was constructed for purely personal purposes and wasn't intended for sale or to be owned. 

Voltron: Legendary Defender

To Earth, From Voltron txt _edited_edite

6th March 2019

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I created this digital artwork earlier in 2019 and it has come to be my favourite landscape piece. It's initial purpose was to be a background study and a way to test how the characters would fit into the composition but it has since exceeded my expectations and it has also garnered attention on my Instagram. For this more recent work, I switched to a better and more professional art oriented software, Clip Studio Paint EX, and completed lining and colouring the sketch. The subjects depicted in the drawing are from the animated series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and are not my original characters.